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Br Peter Harney cfc  Advocacy Talks

Br Peter Harney, who is renowned for his work in social justice, will be visiting us from Edmund Rice International in Geneva. He works with a group of Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers from different countries. Their work involves ‘engagement with the change-makers at the international level in order to bring issues and situations to the attention of the international community at the United Nations in New York and Geneva’.

Peter will be Oceania in the next few months.
He will be giving talks on Edmund Rice International and its work of Human Rights /Advocacy.

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Peter HarneyS


19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A came out and started shouting:  “Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David; my daughter is tormented by a demon...Please, Lord, for even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from their masters’ tables.”    
                                                                                                   Matthew 15, 21-28

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GoodSeedThe Good Seed Will Grow

A Formation Framework for Edmund Rice Communities

The Good Seed Will Grow' seeks to reimagine the way we look at formation for mission in our communities.  It takes as its starting point Our Sacred Story and then explores how the Dynamic of Formation emerges from and continues to animate this story.

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Newly Appointed Oceania Leadership Team

Peter Clinch
Chris Meehl
Gerard Brady
BERNIE Gartland
John Webb
Province Leader
Deputy Province Leader
Br Peter Clinch
Br Chris Meehl
Br Gerard Brady
Br Bernard Gartland
Br Ted Magee
Br John Webb

Will assumes office at the end of this week, on Friday, 25 July 2014.
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Request to contribute to “Celebrating Oceania”

This request is addressed to all Ministry Leaders, Brothers, Groups and Individuals
who are part of the Oceania Province in some way.

The Province is producing a publication which gathers as many as we can of the achievements and activities around over the first seven years of the Oceania Province. We hope to have in this publication a brief description and a photograph of some element of the endeavours of every group in the broader Province. 

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 The Oceania Province Chapter

of the Christian Brothers

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Advocacy Is For All

WritingRingsI am often asked about what older members of the community or those with busy full-time occupations can do to further causes of justice in Oceania.  There is a way of entering into the public debate in an effective and time limited fashion.  Not all of us are able to be involved in protest marches, pray-ins, sit-ins or other more public stances.  However, any one of us with even a limited grasp of technology and a facility for putting words together can find ways to get our message heard on any issue that we might be passionate about.

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Justice and Advocacy Articles

Refugees North Melbourne FLCChildrenBehindWire

--Br. Bob Wallace

Last Friday I went to the St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre in North Melbourne.

We went into one of the classrooms to check out its condition –there was an ESL class underway for refugees, classified as unaccompanied minors, whose only support is the ability to attend this school.

I was surprised that they were a bit older than I expected. It also hit me unexpectedly strongly that these are the REAL people the awful political debate is about.

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Justice and Advocacy Articles

CBCrossAborigenalThe way in which the Christian Brothers work together with the Indigenous people of Australia is expressed in the artwork by William Parmbuk and by the protocols prepared by those working in ministry to the Aboriginal people.


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Our Work

thumb Solar PanelThe former Provinces of the Christian Brothers in Oceania have, for some time, had outreaches to Developing Nations.Oceania Brothers have been in China since the 1930's, Papua New Guinea since the 1950's, in the Pacific Islands, Africa, Timor Leste and the Philippines.

The Christian Brothers have always been willing to move to where they were most needed. Indeed, in the lifetime of Edmund Rice, when Australia and New Zealand were themselves developing nations the Irish Brothers came here to educate and instil Christian Principles into the young men of these nations. When there were enough Brothers they spread to other parts of the region where the need was greater.

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Our Work

Edmund the TeacherEdmund Rice chose education as the main way through which he would serve God and the most disadvantaged people of Waterford. He inspired others to join him in this work. Soon his Brothers developed a system of Catholic Schools which spread to every continent.

Schools in the tradition of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers operate over several national and educational jurisdictions. While all these schools in Australian are governed by Edmund Rice Education Australia, those in other countries have other management structures.

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Our Work