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The “Developing Nations” ministries demonstrate a contemporary expression of Mission which invites substantial reflection on the nature of support and connection. Their Mission is mutual liberation, joy and hope for individuals and communities.

The “Developing Nations” ministries are all unique and inspiring. They demonstrate a contemporary expression to future Mission and invite substantial reflection as to support and connection. They are largely dependent on the presence and support of Brothers and yet processes are in place to widen engagement, develop more localised leadership and nurture support. They offer tangible signs of mutual liberation and joy and hope in Mission for individuals and communities with significant needs.

Papua New Guinea

Callan Services

Services is the main Province activity in Papua New Guinea and has become one of the major health service facilities in the country.

Callan Services takes its name from Callan, the birthplace of Edmund Rice, the Irish business man who founded the Christian Brothers in Ireland in 1802.

Callan Services for people with disabilities was established by the Christian Brothers in Papua New Guinea in 1991, when Br Graeme Leach pioneered the service in Wewak on the north-west coast of Papua New Guinea for the education of children with disabilities.

Callan works with children and adults who suffer from sight or hearing impairments. It works with the local community not only to assist those with disability but also to help train people to gain the skills to assist as well. It has done a great deal to improve the rights and recognition of those with a disability in the country, especially at a political level.

Callan Services in Papua New Guinea continues to provide leadership and care for the most vulnerable in society – the young and those with various disabilities. Management and oversight is provided by a Brother, with reliance upon local professional expertise steadily increasing. Callan Services is the largest service provider in the field of special education and community rehabilitation and is recognized internationally for its outreach across nineteen special education centres spread uniformly throughout the country. It receives substantial international funding. The development of the national diagnostic teams in vision and hearing, together with Callan Studies National Institute, in association with Divine Word University, ensure ministry operations are supported both operationally and strategically.

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Timor Leste has seen an increase from an essentially all volunteer community involving leadership by one Brother assisted by long-term volunteers, to four Brothers assisted by employed and volunteer groups across various projects involving construction, infrastructure support, education, health, micro finance and welfare services. The ministry in East Timor is possibly the most fragile Mission as it depends almost entirely upon the Brothers, with minimal local leadership. A key focus for the ministry community is the generation of a Strategic Plan and the consolidation of ministries through the establishment of a civil legal entity under which ministry practices and obligations can be articulated.

Timor Leste

News From Timor Leste


The heavy rains have reintroduced slippery roads between the villages – assisting bogged vehicles with the 4x4 a regular. A falling tree killed 1 man, another hit by a tree riding his motorbike broke his arms in 4 places. We visited him recently – very incapacitated & still in shock – has some feeling slowly returning to his fingers.

The oppressive heat of Dili contrasted with the cool of the Mountains welcomed us to Timor Leste on Jan 21st. ‘Re-conditioning’ has not been easy. I had a persistent cough, Peter a leg infection, & Barry an ear infection. We are all back in action – Barry at the seminaries in Dili & Peter & I in the villages across the ridges in the mountains.

The 6 weeks break for the three of us was very worthwhile. My personal thanks to family, brothers & friends for the support & encouragement while I was with you.

Fr. John Herd (Murray Bridge) joined our community while he lectured at the Seminary for over a month. Bren and Sue Milsom along with reps from Catholic Mission, Brisbane shared our hospitality and their own experiences at Ossu in the heart of Timor.

Fr. John Herd (Murray Bridge) joined our community while he lectured at the Seminary for over a month. Bren and Sue Milsom along with reps from Catholic Mission, Brisbane shared our hospitality and their own experiences at Ossu in the heart of Timor.

The big 4 – Americo, Delfina, Gil and Norberto – left in charge of CER in our absence completed their responsibilities admirably – the receipts did not quite balance but the learning curve is steady. Both Americo and Delfina have been quite ill – still recovering – particularly Delfina who has TB.

We are very thankful to Bob Neich at Inverell Rotary and also to TTN for sponsoring Belermino and Serafim (pre-school teachers) to go to Australia (1st Feb) for 10 weeks to share experiences in pre-schools and primary schools at Inverell, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Brisbane. No doubt their English and teaching skills will flourish.

We welcome and congratulate Nena Morgante – new President - TTN and Bren Arkinstall – new CEO - ERFA. They have our full support and appreciation.

Through the invitation of John Herd the Local Bishop, Virgilio and Chancellor, Ludgerio came to our home for a meal (Feb 21st). Peter cooked chicken roast and veg followed by ice cream and cake – well received. Great conviviality was had and the mandatory photo taken. A lovely evening.

In our absence the ‘rat’ Derby on the roof and in the ceilings of our RK home became regular. The recent scratching of 11 of the participants has lessened the activity.

On 28th I attended the graduation ceremony at STVJ – Gleno. A proud moment for the students. Some 38 graduated from Hospitality and Administration. In 2016 a group of Government administrators took courses in computing on site and 27 graduands received their certificates. It was a joy to be present to see the success of the students in what is a poorly funded course by the Government. Small steps....


The Philippines


The Brothers established the Kabankalan community in 2006.

Kabankalan City is the centre of a small rural diocese established from the larger Diocese of Bacolod in the south of Negros Occidental, in the area worked by the Columban Father’s since 1950.

Especially helpful were Fathers Brain Gore and Patrick Hurley. Bishop Patricio A. Buzon SDB has been most welcoming. Early work focussed on the many Catholic Schools but attention has shifted to working with and for the very poor. There are three major ministries: assisting poor children to remain in school; providing alternative education for those for whom main-stream is not working; and Community Engagement, along the lines of Our Way Into The Future.

The Brothers started in the Diocese of Maasin, Southern Leyte in September 2007.

They beginning by teaching at Sr. Theresa’s Catholic School in Hilongos on the west coast north of Maasin City. In 2010 they re-started their mission in Barangay Maria Clara, Maasin City by a thorough survey of needs within the diocese.

Bishop Precioso Cantillas SDB is very appreciative of the ministries which emerged in the areas of Child Assistance and Livelihood Projects, Youth Development and Animation, and Community Based Rehabilitation. A major outreach to the Archdiocese of Tacloban following Typhoon Yolanda has extended their area of concern beyond Maasin.

Edmund Rice Ministries Foundation, Philippines, Inc

In March 2015, The Securities and Exchange Commission in The Philippines approved the establishment of Edmund Rice Ministries Foundation, Philippines, Inc. This body through its Board of Trustees assumed governance of the Brothers Ministries across the Philippines from that time.