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A significant shift in ministry occurred for the Christian Brothers in Oceania in 2013. Brothers were invited to enter into ministry outside of the classroom where they had been historically conscripted and to respond to the needs around them.

… with open minds and hearts, we participate fully in the creation of a new era.

Nairobi Congregation Chapter 2014

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While a few brothers are still directly involved in formal education ministries, most are now involved in ministries more suited to their age and developing interests.

In discerning the “signs of the times” many brothers have devoted themselves to “the poor and marginalised on their doorstep”.

Some examples of type and specific ministries follow:

Leadership and Administration

Environmental Work

Overseas ministries

Other internal Congregational work


Parish/Church support

Aged Care

Health care

People with Disabilities


Indigenous Ministries

Prison and Judicial Ministries

Contemplative Life

Media, Publishing

<>Social Services

Education (Primary/secondary/Tertiary)

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Spiritual Direction


 Our Nairobi Chapter offers the challenge

“To engage in advocacy with the voiceless, the marginalised and all that are oppressed.”

There is an exciting initiative beginning here in Brisbane. It is called the Queensland Community Alliance and it attempts to bring Faith communities, Trade Unions and private enterprise together to work for the common good of those marginalised in our society.

The Brothers around Brisbane are encouraged to join this alliance and become active in the area of advocacy. This venture already running in London, Boston and Sydney to name a few places.

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The Brothers Formation Team is responsible for the delivery of services and support to Brothers as members of religious communities and involved in delivering the Mission in these diverse ways. The team is responsible for developing and delivering a Spiral of Offerings (formation) for the Brothers.

by Brothers Formation Co-ordniator of Brothers Formation Team is Tim Moloney