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Edmund Rice Pathways

Edmund Rice Pathways provide people like you with an invitation to connect. Each pathway offers you an open window to the heart of the Edmund Rice response.  Such pathways invite you to glimpse something that captures, informs, guides or inspires who you are becoming in our world. The pathway choice is simply up to you!

There are many ways of participating in the
Edmund Rice Movement in Oceania and World Wide.


AWayIntoTheFutureNotes Edmund Rice, inspired by his awareness of the Sacred present in every person he encountered, was moved to acts of compassion that liberated people from the shackles that denied them fullness of life.

Edmund himself, and those who later joined him to form the Congregation of Christian Brothers, were themselves transformed by their experiences.

In recent times, people other than Christian Brothers, have consciously and intentionally attended to their inner spiritual search in ways that draw inspiration from the life and vision of Edmund and the specific works of the Christian Brothers.

These expressions of connection and engagement are known as Edmund Rice Pathways.

Many of these pathways are associated with or emerge from an initial connection to an Edmund Rice ministry.  However the scope and diversity of offerings are not restricted to those with an existing Edmund Rice association.

Edmund Rice Pathways provide people like you with an invitation to connect. Each opportunity offers you an open window to the heart of the Edmund Rice response.  In entering the experience you are likely to glimpse something that captures, informs, guides or inspires who you are becoming in our world.  The pathway choice is simply up to you!

New Pathways Project

Supported by the Oceania Province, New Pathways is a project that encourages people interested in exploring a personal commitment to the Edmund Rice charism, to find ways of making such a commitment possible.

Some people have made private vows, others have included a commitment as part of their marriage vows, and others have discovered new ways and new expressions.

For more information please use the "Contact" page for phone numbers and contact the Regional Coordinator in the Office nearest you.



Volunteering changes the way you see your world and your place in it. Seeing the world through the eyes of another can be a moment of profound transformation. For many volunteers they can never be the same again.

As a volunteer you will be able to connect meaningfully with others, hear their stories and strip away the false illusion of differences that artificially separate us. Only from here can we allow the concerns of another to become our concerns because we understand more fully that our fates are intertwined.

Volunteering is something everyone should consider doing at some point in their life, for many it is the only way to enjoy a tiny experience of what life is like for others. Our catalyst for volunteering is usually a desire to help or to solve a problem. Therefore our experiences often begin as responding to perceived needs through providing a ‘service’. Before long we are engaged in acts of 'charity' as we seek 'justice' and support 'peace'. Before long many volunteers become so informed about the systemic causes of inequity that their volunteering starts to also include 'advocacy' for the disempowered and even 'activism' to draw attention to unmet rights.

We have learned that through the dislocation that comes from regular contact with poor and marginalized people, our eyes are opened and our hearts are transformed. Our volunteers know that we become ever more conscious of this transformation as we reflect on our experiences in the light of our sacred stories and our collective mission. Providing a long list of volunteer opportunities is one of the ways the Christian Brothers and the Edmund Rice Network supports people to consider more deeply;

“who it is that I intend to be in the world?”

​For a listing of the Edmund Rice Oceania Projects and the skills required to the part of any of them check out Metanoia Matters and register your interest. By using the latest technology your knowledge and skills can be used without your leaving home.

​All Edmund Rice Ministries and Programs welcome volunteers – contact one today!

 “What is it that you intend to do, with your one wild, precious life?”

Mary Oliver

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Aboriginal activists group, (including Lila Watson),
Queensland, 1970s


“Respect for the human person considers the other to be ‘another self.’ It presupposes respect for the fundamental rights that flow from the dignity intrinsic of the person.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church #1944


“Only earthbound man still clings to the dark and poisoning superstition that his world is bounded by the nearest hill, his universe ends at river's shore, his common humanity is enclosed in the tight circle of those who share his town or his views and the colour of his skin.”

Robert Kennedy



Immersions and Internships

Immersions and Internships

Cross Cultural Engagement Programs

Cross-Cultural experiences across the Edmund Rice Network include opportunities to volunteer, be an Intern, or a member of an Immersion Group.

These opportunities exist locally (within your own country), across the Oceania Province (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, the Philippines) or countries in other Christian Brothers Provinces such as Africa and Europe.

Apart from a sense of adventure and a commitment to learning more about yourself, suitable candidates for the Walking Together Cross Cultural

Engagement Program would ideally possess:

  • The required qualifications, skills, and experience necessary for any specific role they might undertake in another culture.
  • A commitment to a personal sense of justice spirituality and a passion for justice
  • A willingness to live and work alongside a religious community and an understanding that participation in an Edmund Rice Ministry involves sharing in personal reflections of spirituality.
  • Good health.
  • Maturity - good communication skills, a strong sense of self and self-understanding,
  • Openness to cultural adaptation - i.e. humble, flexible, accepting.
  • An attraction to the Edmund Rice story and an understanding of its implications for ministry.
  • A desire to live simply, with a willingness to enter the privileged space of another culture as a guest and to live simply amongst the people.
  • An understanding that ministry is a shared journey with members of the local community, where both giving and receiving relationships develop.
  • Willingness and an ability to reflect upon, share, and discuss their experience as a participant, including gaining a greater understanding of the complex issues relating to decolonisation and development work in a cross cultural context.
  • The support of a network of relationships within their own life and a willingness to deepen and extend those relationships through their experience.
  • Willingness for ongoing involvement in the Edmund Rice Network, Church, community work, advocacy, or other justice & peace activity on return from their placement.

For more information, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

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Service Opportunities - ways of getting involved

Suitable candidates are welcome to join the staff of the Edmund Rice Ministries in Oceania.

Do you feel called to participate in the work inspired by Blessed Edmund Rice?

 Ways to participation include:

Supporters and Donors

  • Show your interest by attending functions and by supporting the works introduced in this website.
  • Browse the site to see where you might be able to show your support

Immersions and Internships Participants

  • There are opportunities to be involved in an Immersions or Internships program.
  • Open Immersions and Internships in the New Pathways section higher on this page.

Part -Time Volunteers

  • The ministries listed here generally have placements for dedicated part-time or short-term volunteers.
  • Contact the ministry where you believe your talents might be used.

Full-Time, Short Term or Long Volunteers

  • These apply mostly to our overseas ministries. Open the Volunteers Page.
  • Contact the Support Centre in your region to enquirer about what opportunities are available.

Full-Time or Part Time Employees

  • Our Offices require many staff and from time to time positions are advertised.
  • Current Advertisements are placed lower on this page.

Christian Brothers

  • This is for a male who wishes to make a life-long commitment to live a community life as a Religious Brother.
  • Oprn the Christian Brothers Vocations section lower on this page.

Positions Vacant in Edmund Rice Ministries and Offices

Currently there are no Positions being advertised.

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Christian Brothers - commitment


  • Christian Brothers are aware of being captivated by what we see as the Divine Mystery at work in our world.
  • We seek to deepen our understanding of this Mystery which many call God.
  • Our experience, along with more recent learnings from science, is forging a new consciousness in us.
  • Our reflection on the story of the Universe leads us to see our connectedness with all of creation and to search for truth in all its forms.
  • The person of Jesus is central to our Catholic Christian heritage. Relating deeply with him and embracing his vision are fundamental for our living. We experience God especially in people made poor by global inequality and we seek to work with communities of poor people to support them in living with dignity and justice.
  • This also involves our exercising advocacy for greater equality across the planet. Our history as educators causes us to care especially for young people.
  • Responding to a personal call from God, Christian Brothers embrace a particular form of Christian life lived in community and contribute, in keeping with their founding charism, to the mission that Jesus Christ entrusted to his Church.
  • The three vows of a Christian Brothers are evangelical poverty, consecrated celibacy and prophetic obedience. They relate to the major dimensions of human life—possessions, relationships, freedom and power.
  • First begun by our founder Edmund Rice in 1802, today the Christian Brothers form a global network of people who collaborate with others to live and work for a better world.

Do you feel God calling you to dedicate your life as a Christian Brother?

If so click on the blue bar below the image.

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Christian Brothers Vocations - Do you feel called?

The Chapter Call

To be in right relationships as brother with each other, with people made poor and with the whole Earth community, conscious that being brother is our pathway to our being evangelised and transformed.

Nairobi Congregation Chapter 2014.

There is a constant call from God for all of us to respond to the love that Jesus showed in his life in various ways. One of these ways is in consecrated religious life.The Christian Brothers welcome enquiries from those who may be interested in knowing more about the life of the Christian Brothers, and possibilities of following Edmund Rice as vowed members.A person interested in this life would enter a journey of discernment. The first part of this journey is in expressing interest and entering into conversation while living life as normal. As the conversation continues, so too may your journey.Br John Webb is the Coordinator of Vocations for the Christian Brothers Oceania Province. He welcomes enquiries and requests for further information. In addition there are local Christian Brothers across the Oceanic region who can accompany people on their journey.

For more information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Professional Standards Documents

Safeguarding of Children and Adults at Risk

The Oceania Province of the Christian Brothers, inspired by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, is characterised by the following key values in relation to all those with whom its personnel come in contact:

  • Every person has inherent and irreducible worth, being both a unique entity with unique fulfilment gifts and is a member of mutually inter-dependent communities.
  • As such, everyone has the right to live within a caring, safe and protected environment.  This right adheres irrespective of differences in gender, culture, physical and intellectual capacity, sexual orientation.
  • All those who participate in or are associated with the receipt or provision of Edmund Rice services have a right to be cared for, to be safe, and to be protected.

The Oceania Province of the Christian Brothers recognises that children, due to their developmental dependency, are a group within society who have a higher risk of vulnerability to harm. As a consequence, the Oceania Province of the Christian Brothers recognises a whole-organisation responsibility to facilitate the care, safety and protection of children.

The Oceania Province recognises, although its predominant work is with children [inclusive of adolescents], that it also has a Duty of Care in relation to the care, safety and protection of adults who may be at risk. The Oceania Province recognises that there are groups of adults who are especially vulnerable to harm through maltreatment and exploitation.

The care, safety and protection of children and adults at risk is based upon a preventative and responsive approach to risk management as outlined:

  • Preventative – Oceania Province puts in place organisational measures to eliminate or to reduce risk of child and adult vulnerability
  • Responsive- Oceania Province when it is aware of concerns or allegations relating to vulnerability or actual harm commits to undertake actions, which facilitate the immediate safety of the individual, investigating and responding to the concern or allegation appropriately.

Appropriate Policy Documents are available below.

         Safeguarding Policy

         Code of Conduct  

        Guidelines for Responding to Civil Claims Involving Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

        Safeguarding Commitment    Safeguarding Commitment Filopino

Contact Details

Professional Standards Office
Christian Brothers Oceania
PO Box 851 (126 The Avenue)
Parkville VIC 3052 AUSTRALIA

P: (+61) 3 8359 0109

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Catholic Professional Standards Audit

This independent process was undertaken during 2019 and 2020.  The Oceania Province made a full response to the Audit Report, and is committed to implementing all of its recommendations.

The full statement from the Province can be accessed below, together with the Media Release from CPSL.

       Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania Province – CPSL Audit

       Read the CPSL Audit Media Statement

The Professional Standards Office of the Christian Brothers Oceania Province is located in Melbourne and is staffed by experts skilled in handling all aspects of allegations of abuse, whether physical, emotional, or sexual.

Staff are available to provide advice including assistance in reporting incidents of abuse, helping individuals access important services such as professional counselling, as well as working with individuals or their representatives seeking redress, facilitation of alternative dispute resolution, or management of civil claims.