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The Congregation, Oceania Province Leadership and Ministry Teams communicate to the Province and wider community from time to time. A record of such communications is kept on this page. News and events which might be of interest to the Province community are also found there.

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Publications from the Edmund Rice Global Community

The Congregation Leadership Team communicates regularly with the global Edmund Rice Network regularly. They offer both news and reflections.


The Transition Support Team which is charged with the implementation of the:  Our Way into the Future Project.issues Regular Bulletins and Reflections.


Edmund Rice International is stationed in Geneva and lobbies the United Nations on a range of Human Rights issues.

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Publications from the Edmund Rice Oceania Ministries

The Edmund Rice Centre Homebush communicates both news and issue papers. They deal with a wide range of issues.


Edmund Rice Foundation Oceania is a fundraising group which supports many Ermund Rice Projects in Oceania and Africa.


Articles on Justice, Ecology and Spirituality Issues

Articles written by Brothers and ministry workers.

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Edmund Rice Justice NZ

Works on Justice Projects in New Zealand. Learn more on their Website and Newsletter.


Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders

EREBB is an International network of Catholic schools educating young people from many different faiths and cultures.


Edmund Rice Education Australia

EREA is the network of schools, entities and offices offering a Catholic education in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice.

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Media Release

Media and publications are produced and released by various groups, entities and organisations who are joined by the inspiration of Edmund Rice. The views and statements may not reflect the position of the Christian Brothers or the Oceania Province. Official Statements that are consistent with, state a position, or a response to official matters, will be identified as such.


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  28/02/19 The Christian Brothers Oceania is a participating institution under the National Redress Scheme and was declared by the Minister for Social Services on the 27 February 2019. Province
  01/08/18  The Christian Brothers Oceania Province released the following comments after a Brother entered a guilty plea to one count of historic abuse. Aus. Brothers
  06/07/18 In February 2017 the Christian Brothers publicly stated at the Royal Commission our commitment to a national redress scheme that involved every state and territory. This has not changed. Aus. Brothers
  19/06/18 Letter to the Sydney Morning Herald / Fairfax Media in response to your editorial ‘No Redress for the Wicked’, Saturday 16 June 2018. Aus. Brothers
  09/05/18 Announcement of changes to the governance of Charingfield to further strengthening recent actions to enhance resident care and deliver improved outcomes in standards and compliance. Trustees of Christian Brothers  
  24/05/16 To 24 May 2016 the Christian Brothers has received 164 requests for re-examination of past settled matters relating to the WA institutions. Of these, 147 have been finalised and new settlements have been reached.


  24/05/16 Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania - ABC Perth 24 May 2016 Province
  17/05/16 Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania - Canberra Times 17 May 2016 Province


Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania - Canberra Times 10 May 2016 Province
  10/05/16 Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania –William Houston Province
  18/04/16 To all those who bravely gave evidence today, the Christian Brothers extend our unreserved apology. Province
  05/04/16 Statement from the Christian Brothers Oceania – ABC 730 Report . The allegations will be managed in accordance with the Christian Brothers Guiding Principles on Civil Litigation. Province
  06/07/15 Christian Brothers Oceania Province release 5th Update on undertakings to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Province



  14/06/18 It is with a strong sense of hope and excitement that the Oceania Leadership Team (OLT) announces the inaugural Board of Edmund Rice Ministries (ERMO). The Board will take responsibility on 1st July 2018 for working in partnership with the OLT. Province
  08/12/17 Gathering the Dreamers is to be held at Treacy Centre from 3rd to 5th MAY 2018 to commemorate the arrival in Melbourne 150 years ago of the Christian Brothers.


  07/11/17 Recently Br Peter Clinch on behalf of the Oceania Leadership Team announced that the Province would be withdrawing from ministry in Timor Leste from the end of 2018. Province
  23/03/17 Celebrating the First Ten Years of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) and general matters including: The Royal Commission, Developments in EREA and Appointments to the Board. EREA Council  


Statement on Edmund Rice Mission: Edmund Rice Mission today. For over 200 years, people all over the world have been educated in the tradition of Edmund Rice. Congregation
  30/11/16 Strategic Development Framework for Edmund Rice Mission involves being WITH, working CONNECTLY, sharing VALUES &TRANSFORMATION. Province
  22/08/16 CLT appointing Chris Meehl to the TST. Discussions between Chris, the CLT, the TST and the OLT have been happening since June 2016. At this stage, the OLT will Congregation
  12/08/16 In the face of unprecedented financial pressure the OLT will relocate to Melbourne by the end of April 2017 and staff numbers will be reduces. The OLT will form community at the Province-owned house at Wellington Street, Flemington. Province
  30/03/16 A story on ABC Online, which makes claims about the Christian Brothers’ handling of compensation to abuse victims, is wrong and should be corrected. Province
  07/11/14 Oceania Leadership Team explores the most effective means of extending and deepening the level of relationship the Oceania Province and its associated ministries have with the Indigenous peoples in Australia. Director
Prov. Ministries