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Oceania Province of the Congregation of Christian Brothers is a canonical entity created by the Congregation Leader on 1 October 2007.


Recent History

Oceania is an amalgamation of the former entities: Holy Spirit Province, St Francis Xavier Province, St Joseph’s Province, St Mary’s Province, St Patrick’s Province and the Edmund Rice Region of Papua New Guinea.

The Oceania Province comprises communities of Christian Brothers and Ministries inspired by the Edmund Rice charism in Australia, Timor Leste, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines.

The Oceania Province is governed from the Oceania Province Centre in Brisbane, Australia, and the Oceania Leadership Team (OLT) of six members, along with the Province Secretariat and the Mission Directorate and Resources Directorate, operate from this base.


Oceania Province is an entity within the Congregation of Christian Brothers - a Religious Institute in the Catholic Church.

The Brothers, as members of the Province, form this canonical legal entity called a Public Juridic Person and the Province Leader and his team act as the Stewards of this canonical entity.

The Constitutions and Statutes of the Congregation and the Acts of Chapter of the Province provided the specific law under which the Province operates within the Church.

Because the Christian Brothers are an Institute of Pontifical Right they are responsible for their stewardship directly to the Pope rather than to a specific local Bishop.

The Oceania Leadership Team fulfils these reporting obligations through the Congregation Leadership Team based in Rome.


The complexity of the civil structure of the Oceania Province is significant. Oceania Province is a cross-national entity as it spans five sovereign nations, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Timor Leste. Consequently it comprises a number of civil corporate entities.

Additionally within Australia, entities that constituted the civil authority within the former Provinces remain constituted.


Christian Brothers Congregation and Province Leadership Teams

Congregation Leatership Team

The Congregation Leadership Team comprises five Christian Brothers, elected by the Congregation Chapter delegates for a period of six years.

The Congregation Leadership Team provides guidance, encouragement and general leadership to all the Brothers around the world. They assist the Province Leadership and individual Brothers to respond to the Calls and Directions of the Congregation Chapter.

CLT Photo

Congregation Leader:  Hugh O'Neill cfc (front centre)
Deputy Leader:  Peter Dowling cfc (front left)
Councillors:  Julian McDonald cfc (back right)
John Casey cfc (front right)
Richard Walsh cfc (back left)


Oceania Leadership Team

The Oceania Leadership Team comprises six Christian Brothers, chosen from among all Brothers in Oceania. They are appointed by the Congregation Leadership Team following the Province Chapter.

The role of the Oceania Leadership Team is to oversee and govern the work of the organisation, working faithfully to the Constitution and directions of the Congregation and Chapter.

The Oceania Leadership Team has a central location in Brisbane. It aims to develop right relationships at the local level as well as inter-relationships at all levels to serve the wider mission of the Christian Brothers.

Oceania OLT

Province Leader: Peter Clinch cfc
Province Deputy Leader: Ted Magee cfc
Councillors: Bernie Gartland cfc
Gerard Brady cfc
John Webb cfc

In Photo: Gerard Brady cfc , Ted Magee cfc , John Webb cfc , Peter Clinch cfc, 
Chris Meehl cfc(moved to TST) , Bernie Gartland cfc