• 40,000 Wheelchairs
    40,000 Wheelchairs

    The Christian Brothers have supported Wheelchairs for Kids since it began in 1998. Br Ollie Pickett has been
    it guiding light from the beginning. Their 40,000th Wheelchair in a Container Consignment to Nepal.

  • 30 Years of Camping
    30 Years of Camping

    Edmund Rice Camps provide opportunities for volunteers and participants to meet in a mutually empowering environment of fun, trust and growth.

  • Timor Leste News
    Timor Leste News

    We were graced with the presence of our Congregational Leader, Br. Hugh O’Neill (18th – 24th) a Canadian who visited some of the projects but could not visit all villages due to the poor condition of the roads.


    The EREBB Online Leadership course management is delighted to announce that  27 participants successfully completed the certificate in the Michaelmas Term 2017 and 37 have enrolled for the 2018 Hilary Term course.


    I say “New Look” rather than “New Website” because the content of the previous site has been transferred to this new site. The way to get to the site is www.edmundrice.org.au and very soon it will also be at www.edmundrice.org  which currently stores the previous site.

  • Leadership Training
    Leadership Training

    The Edmund Rice Centre is delighted to be running the PCP-delivered program, Resilient leaders: Leading in challenging contexts, as part of a Federal Government's Australia Awards Program

  • Treacy Centre Gathering
    Treacy Centre Gathering

    From 3rd to 5th MAY 2018 a group representing the Edmund Rice Movement in Oceania will gather to commemorate the arrival in Melbourne 150 years ago of four pioneer Christian Brothers

Welcome to the “New Look” website

I say “New Look” rather than WebsiteLaunchTN.jpgNew Website” because the content of the previous site has been transferred to this new site. The way to get to the site is www.edmundrice.org.au or www.edmundrice.org.

In the short term I recommend www.edmundrice.org.au as the  other is just a short term fix until we can get our technectians to redirect that URL. It is still showing error messages as it is just a page on the “Old Look” site. I could not find out why that error message was appearing. I decided it would be easier to transfer the site to a different platform.

Advantages of the “New Look” sit are:
  1. It is fully responsive (i.e. it is easily view on any device from desk-top to phone).
  2. It has attempted to follow the look and feel of the Christian Brothers chosen Visual Identity.
  3. It is possible to allow any group or ministry to edit its own material.
  4. Editing is done through a web browser (i.e. from anywhere in the world with internet connection).
 Choices taken in developing the site are:

The new platform has access to a wide range of features not available on the old site.

  • The site is designed to give the “Big Picture” showing first the overview with the ability to work down. This makes it more suitable for the person who wants to know more about our operation rather than for the person who knows us well and is just looking for some particular detail.
  • This is achieved by using a single level of menu (no drop-down) and then having a page which provides an overview of the main menu topic and windows which expand to give more details. Some of these expanded windows will expand further at the click of the mouse.
  • Or for those who prefer everything on the one page there are two buttons which read “Open all Sliders” and “Close all Sliders”. These will open the page up to one long article and close it again.
  • The person looking for specific data has a very good search engine and detailed “Contact” information. Both features may be accessed at the top-right of each page. As well as this there is a full content menu at the bottom of each page (i.e. a tree menu).
  • The first page is currently reserved for news type items. This will succeed or fail depending on how many people provide items of interest. We are no longer publishing a newsletter to the wider network so I am hoping this may replace the newsletter. I will attempt to have at least two images for each item so would like images supplied with your article.
  • Articles of interest to the wider Edmund Rice Movement may be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some hints for ease of use.

While the responsive nature of the site allows you to view it on a wide range of devices it was designed to give the best results on a desk-top when the window width is reduced until the three buttons on top-right reach the Logo. The site was designed at that width to give the best visual balance. As window width is reduced the three buttons slide in under the left part of the header and a coloured symbol will apear. Clicking on this will produce a different kind of menu more suited to phones and small screens.

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As these pages can become very long I have added a "Go to Top" button on each page.

It is fixed to the bottom-right of this and every page. It looks like "" on a coloured background. Try clicking on it to see what happens.

Front Page Image Slider

The Front Page has an “Image Display” at the top. The image changes every seven seconds. Each image is associated with a story introduced on the page.  You can  prevent the displayed image from changing by simply hold the mouse pointer over the image. You can then change to another image by clicking on one of the numbers at the top right of the imager. Move the pointer outside the image to have the auto-change process continue. Clicking on the image will take you to the full article associated with that image.