TreacyGathering3rd to 5th MAY 2018
126 The Avenue Parkville


We gather as a representative group of the Edmund Rice Movement in Oceania at this time in our history to:

  1. commemorate the arrival in Melbourne 150 years ago of four pioneer Christian Brothers;
  2. acknowledge the inheritance we have received from them and from all those who have followed in Edmund Rice ministry of any kind;
  3. share our passion for this great work and to dream a future we can create together that will honour this inheritance in new, creative and practical ways.


The Committee, working with our three guests, has been committed to conversation, engagement, and dialogue in the lead up to this gathering with these elements being part of the ongoing journey within the gathering itself, and beyond.

Beyond the necessary planning for a formal opening and closing of the Gathering, the content of our time together will be shaped by the sharing of experiences, hopes, fears, and dreams of the participants.

If you feel that you have a demonstrable passion for the Edmund Rice charism and want to be part of this watershed gathering, then request an Expression of Interest form

via the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

visit the Facebook page to download the form:

Download the Full Flyer