I wish to formally and in writing thank Melody, the current Coordinator, and acknowledge former Coordinators, for the professional way in which they have conducted the service, and the energy and passion they have elicited from all those who have participated as leaders in the service, and for the welcoming it provided to those refugees new to our country and to Adelaide in particular.

It is never an easy thing to let go of something into which you have put your energies and passion in the service
of others. For this energy and passion, the Province wishes to thank all those staff members and students of CBC, Rostrevor, and St Paul’s who have been part of this program over the years. Their contribution has been a means of facilitating a smoother passage into the Adelaide community for the Refugees who have been part of the service. We know that this participation has also provided many learning and maturing opportunities to many Edmund Rice volunteers, and for this we can be thankful. Hopefully, there will be new opportunities emerging in the future for young people in our Edmund Rice Movement to continue to reach out to those on the margins of our towns and cities and to help to create more inclusive and welcoming communities.
Br Shane Wood cfc
Regional Ministry Coordinator
(Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia)
16th November 2017