Brothers of Annual Profession

AnnualProfessionAt the recent meeting of the OLT, the applications for Annual Profession were discerned and discussed by the Team. Congratulations to Francis ToLiman, Desmond Taboeya and Dennis Fernandez who will make Annual Vows as Christian Brothers before Christmas.

Sadly, Willie Paruka did not apply to renew his vows. The Oceania Province community wishes Willie every happiness as he explores a different pathway for life outside of the Congregation.

Many thanks to the Brothers of PNG and Philippines who supported and accompanied the Brothers of AnnualProfession during the past year.

"You being yet very young in religion and placed over a senior Brother will require great watchfulness over yourself to perform well the task which is assigned to you, and you should beg frequently of God light and grace to effect it. Above all beg him to give you the virtue of humility which is so necessary for religious in every station, but particularly for those who have the care or direction of others.”       Blessed Edmund Rice