• Palms Australia
    Palms Australia

    Catholic schools and communities overseas are asking Palms Australia, as the Catholic mission agency, to recruit teachers who will help to sustainably build personnel and organisational capacity.  Understandably, they want to give their children the same basic human right of education that Australian children enjoy.

  • CRA New Website
    CRA New Website

    We are delighted to announce that the new CRA website is now live.

  • Orange Sky
    Orange Sky

    Join us on our mission to Positively Connect Communities. We don't have all the answers, but what we can provide is clean laundry, a warm shower and genuine conversation.

  • National Apology
    National Apology

    The Christian Brothers Oceania Province stands with other institutions in fully endorsing the National Apology to the Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

  • Outdoor Sculpture
    Outdoor Sculpture

    This outdoor sculpture of Ambrose and his companions commemorates their arrival in Melbourne 150 years ago the 50th anniversary of Parade College East Melbourne relocation to its present site at Bundoora.

  • Pacific Calling Partnership
    Pacific Calling Partnership

    Pacific Calling Partnership is excited to announce its newest patrons committed to finding a global solution for vulnerable Pacific Island states in the face of climate change! 

Palms Australia are Seeking Volunteers

PalsmAusTNTulele Peisa and St Dominic’s Grammar School require a volunteer Early Childhood/Primary Teacher for a two-year placement. Tulele Peisa is a NGO based in Carteret Island, established in 2007 to facilitate an ecologically and culturally sustainable relocation and resettlement of the Tulun/Carteret Atoll community, who are facing threats from climate change.

St Dominic’s Grammar School was established in 2015 to provide elementary education for the children of relocated families. “Tulele Peisa” in the Halia language translates to “Sailing the waves on our own”. In the current context, it was adopted by the Carteret Council of Elders and Tulele Peisa to mean “Striving for strength and action through capacity building of our own people”.

Palms is currently seeking volunteers to assist with this work.

More Information on Volunteering