• 40,000 Wheelchairs
    40,000 Wheelchairs

    The Christian Brothers have supported Wheelchairs for Kids since it began in 1998. Br Ollie Pickett has been
    it guiding light from the beginning. Their 40,000th Wheelchair in a Container Consignment to Nepal.

  • 30 Years of Camping
    30 Years of Camping

    Edmund Rice Camps provide opportunities for volunteers and participants to meet in a mutually empowering environment of fun, trust and growth.

  • Timor Leste News
    Timor Leste News

    We were graced with the presence of our Congregational Leader, Br. Hugh O’Neill (18th – 24th) a Canadian who visited some of the projects but could not visit all villages due to the poor condition of the roads.


    The EREBB Online Leadership course management is delighted to announce that  27 participants successfully completed the certificate in the Michaelmas Term 2017 and 37 have enrolled for the 2018 Hilary Term course.


    I say “New Look” rather than “New Website” because the content of the previous site has been transferred to this new site. The way to get to the site is www.edmundrice.org.au and very soon it will also be at www.edmundrice.org  which currently stores the previous site.

  • Leadership Training
    Leadership Training

    The Edmund Rice Centre is delighted to be running the PCP-delivered program, Resilient leaders: Leading in challenging contexts, as part of a Federal Government's Australia Awards Program

  • Treacy Centre Gathering
    Treacy Centre Gathering

    From 3rd to 5th MAY 2018 a group representing the Edmund Rice Movement in Oceania will gather to commemorate the arrival in Melbourne 150 years ago of four pioneer Christian Brothers

Br Frank Hennessy in Timor Leste

DuriTimorGreenng the month the rain was particularly heavy & regular. The experts tell us that for Timor Leste the ‘La Nina’ although weak is affecting the weather patterns & looks like extending the wet season in this part of the world. The spin off for us is the beautiful greening of the mountains.

I attended the graduation (2nd) of the vocational training - STVJ – in Gleno. Pleasing to see the young people so proud of their achievements in hospitality & administration & the flow on that some have got jobs as a result. On the 3rd I went to the final profession of 2 Dominican Sisters – a huge commitment of local women to a growing congregation in TL.

Two important meetings held on the 6th. Julia & Peter met with the card ladies & the Vanilla team in Railaco Criac while at the same time Delfina & I met with the committee of the TEKA teachers at Railaco Leten. Detailing the links that will happen over the next few months as we partner with MMI as of the 1st July. I again met with MMI – Emma form Sydney, Sr. Kath & Alipio from Dili to address some details/challenges of the process towards a MOU.
A consultant, Ariana Almeida, has been appointed to work with the card ladies to ascertain the possibilities for the future for this important community engagement activity. She will commence work in late April. Thanks to TTN for funding this research.

HughInTimorLesteWe were graced with the presence of our Congregational Leader, Br. Hugh O’Neill (18th – 24th) a Canadian. Hugh visited some of the projects here but could not visit all villages due to the poor condition of the roads. He engaged with the local parish in Railaco & also with Bishop Virgilio in Dili. We had an engaging community gathering on the Friday to reflect on our brotherhood & its meaning. Thanks for being with us Hugh.
Peter Coe’s brother, Dennis, passed away (20th) after a long illness. Peter returned to Warwick, QLD to join the family, friends & CB’s for the final farewell.

Recent research (Simone Rensch) shows that the Timor Gov’t spends the least amount of money on healthcare than any other country in the world – 2.4% ahead of countries like Laos-3.4%, Eritrea 3.6%... This does not include the NGO’s contribution to health care in TL. Added to this is the list (Zsusanna Pengo) of the ‘Hungriest” countries in the world in 2018 – Timor’s global hunger index (GHI) is 34.3. – 10th on the world list. A vast improvement on 2008 – 46.8 (compare- Liberia 35.3, Sudan 35.5). Our experience shows that in Education minimum amounts are spent with many long term teachers unpaid under the banner of ‘volunteer’ teachers. Unicef have recently announced a huge program to build pre-schools & primary schools in remote areas – a wonderful contribution but still missing the point.

The tridium as usual was celebrated with great devotion, participation & enthusiasm. We attended the English ceremonies. Huge crowds, double parking on both sides of the main road, police rendered helpless & a huge crush of bodies as we exit & the Tetun mass congregation enter.

Happy Easter Br Frank Hennessy