• Carbon Fast For Lent
    Carbon Fast For Lent

    Lent is a good time to look at ways of cutting back in practical ways which will help build up our fragile earth, God’s creation.

  • Outdoor Sculpture
    Outdoor Sculpture

    This outdoor sculpture of Ambrose and his companions commemorates their arrival in Melbourne 150 years ago the 50th anniversary of Parade College East Melbourne relocation to its present site at Bundoora.

  • Edmund Rice Ministries engaging with community
    Edmund Rice Ministries engaging with community

    As Edmund Rice people we are challenged to listen deeply to the cry of Earth and the cry for justice. On the island of Lyette, the Edmund Rice movement is building relationships through community engagement, in a desire to bring about life and justice.

  • Pacific Calling Partnership
    Pacific Calling Partnership

    Pacific Calling Partnership is excited to announce its newest patrons committed to finding a global solution for vulnerable Pacific Island states in the face of climate change! 


A warm welcome to Pacific Calling Partnership new Co-ordinator Corinne Fisher

After 15 years at the Edmund Rice Centre, I am now stepping back and changing roles. Instead of coordinating the Pacific Calling Partnership, I will be joining Vincent and Ellie as a part time support team member.

A big welcome to Corinne Fisher who is taking over the coordinator's role. I am excited to be handing over to such a warm, generous and capable person. Corinne has scarcely been here a week and I can already see what a brilliant, dedicated and multi-talented team leader she will be.

My pleasure in changing roles is not only because I can see that Corinne will lead PCP to new heights in working with our Pacific Island partners such as TuCAN and KiriCAN but also because I am looking forward to having more time and energy for my grandchildren, my 100 year old mother in law my family and friends and my husband and myself.

A big thank you to the PCP team especially Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang and including every volunteer and intern that has worked with us over the years and to all NGOs, community organisations, religious congregations and church groups, governments and individuals. I look forward to playing a much smaller role in the ongoing work of PCP in enabling the voice of the Pacific to get out there.

Jill Finnane


Mauri, Talofa and a warm hello to all PCP supporters!

I am thrilled to be starting in the role of PCP Coordinator. In the space of just one week, it is clear to me what a  knowledgeable, professional and dedicated team the PCP has built at the Edmund Rice Centre.

Before taking on the role of PCP Coordinator, I spent 20 years working on public policy and advocacy in the environmental and social justice fields, both in Government and within the NGO sector.  What attracted me to my current role is the genuine grassroots nature of the PCP and the highly respected work of the Edmund Rice Centre.  Justice, kindness and compassion - core values at the Edmund Rice Centre - have been driving forces for me both professionally and personally, and they will continue to be a strong foundation for my work as PCP Coordinator.

On behalf of the PCP team I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jill for her foundational work on the PCP over the past 15 years. What a contribution! It is wonderful to have Jill remain in the team and pass on her considerable PCP knowledge and experience to me.

Last but certainly not least- thank you to all of you for your ongoing support.
PCP could not do what we do without you.

Until next time,

Warm regards
Corinne Fisher

PCP Heads Back to Tuvalu

As part of the Kiribati Australia Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP) the Pacific Calling Partnership will be heading back to Tuvalu on March 1st.  The aim of this visit is to lead the second phase of the professional development opportunity for emerging leaders. While there, the team, this time consisting of our new PCP Coordinator, Corinne Fisher, and our Project Officer Vincent Sicari, will also be delivering a short leadership course to young members of the EKT (Congregational Christian Church of Tuvalu). This latter is in response to a request from Rev. Fou Aso, a graduate of the KATEP himself and now a Pastor and climate advocate in Tuvalu.
PCP is keen to return to Tuvalu to deliver these programs and to strengthen our relationship with this vulnerable island nation. Tuvalu, according to the United Nations, is one of the most vulnerable nations to the effects of climate change. In fact according to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the very existence of this nation of 11,000 people is in doubt.
The aim of PCP is to develop the skills of young emerging leaders to represent their people on the international stage. The Rev. Fou Aso has already successfully done this service to his country by attending the last two United Nations Conference of the Parties (COPs). Corinne is looking forward to meeting the members of TuCAN (the Tuvalu Climate Action Network) and the EKT who are partnering with PCP in these leadership courses.
The programs will provide participants with skills based training on the three themes of Climate Justice, Leadership, and Communication. It will support and enhance climate leadership capabilities through participatory workshops and learning activities, project work, and mentoring.
It is hoped that participants will grow in confidence as leaders displaying advocacy, public speaking, project planning and relationship building skills. They will engage with each other across sectors and at a community level. It is hoped that they will play roles at international conferences and possible representation at future UN Conference of the Parties (COPs).  As emerging leaders with relevant skills and knowledge, they will be able to develop strategies at community, national and international level.



Contact your local candidates for the NSW state election.

The NSW election has been called for 23 March. We need to help makes this an election that puts climate change at the top of the agenda of all candidates. In the last couple of years PCP has arranged well attended meetings with politicians from all parties giving them an opportunity to hear about the threats climate change poses to Pacific Islands. The last one was with former President Tong from Kiribati in October 2018.

Please send an email, letter, make a phone call or attend a public meeting in your electorate and ask, 'What steps will you take (or are you taking) to ensure that NSW reduces its green house gas emissions?'


Your donation is very important to our work. To donate to the PCP at the Edmund Rice Centre Click here . Thank you very much for your support.


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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia as the traditional owners and custodians of the land.  We commit ourselves to actively work alongside them for reconciliation and justice. We pay our respects to our Elders; past, present and future.  As we take our next step we remember the first footsteps taken on this sacred land.

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